5 Unique Ways Of Getting Leads in Real-Estate

Sometimes in real-estate, getting business can simply boil down to doing what the competition isn’t. Lately it seems that it’s getting more and more difficult to produce leads via Facebook. Once word get’s out that a particular way of getting business works, it almost seems like there’s a “gold rush” that renders that lead generation ineffective. Here are a few methods of generation that I’ve found INCREDIBLY effective that no one uses: 


  1. Calling rent signs

I’ve actually got a listing coming up from doing this. Landlords aren’t always thrilled about there investment property. In fact, many are frustrated by inherited properties and/or dead beat tenants! Next time you see a property:

  • That’s in a neighborhood that’s not exactly investment territory
  • Advertised by the owner (don’t call property managers)
  • Maybe looks a little beat up on the outside


2. Relocation Blogging

Relocation blogging is the reason why I very rarely have to cold call anymore. Relocation blogs take time, dedication, research, and SEO. BUT in the end an AMAZING relocation blog can be an asset that pays dividends after dividends. My relocation blog literally produces at least a phone call a week of warm leads.

  • “Living In *insert city*”
  • “Things to do Downtown”
  • “Best Places To Park Down Town”
  • “Pros And Cons Of Living In *City*”


3. Real-estate Investing Blogging

Can you compute a cap-rate? Know what NOI is? Know the hottest places to invest in real-estate? Real-estate investors that are actively searching real-estate, will need a realtor eventually. If an investor likes your content, they will most likely use you as an agent! Not only that but blogging about real-estate investing is fun and fulfilling.

  • College investment properties in *city*
  • Investment properties near hospital


4. Local Vlogging

I get one or two phone calls a week from my local Youtube channel. I literally take a “vlogging rig” out and video-tape myself surfing, going to local attractions, and just my thoughts on the city.

Check out my local vlog here for an example


5. Absentee-Owner Prospecting

When people think absentee owner, a dumpy property comes to mind. In fact, absentee owners can actually be high-end beach homes. An absentee owner is simply a property, where the owner is not currently living in it. Great things about absentee owners:

  • There countless numbers of them in any market
  • They tend to be highly motivated when they do sell
  • Not as much competition
  • The knowledge required for absentee marketing is more technical and most brokers don’t do it
  • Investors tend to be absentee owners

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