Home Selling Tips That Anyone Can Use

Selling a piece of real-estate is a skill that takes time and effort to master. This is why many people choose a professional to sell property whether it be an real-estate broker, wholesaler, or maybe even an investor. But if you’re somebody that just wants to make a property look as presentable as possible, here … Continued

5 Unique Ways Of Getting Leads in Real-Estate

Sometimes in real-estate, getting business can simply boil down to doing what the competition isn’t. Lately it seems that it’s getting more and more difficult to produce leads via Facebook. Once word get’s out that a particular way of getting business works, it almost seems like there’s a “gold rush” that renders that lead generation … Continued

Simple Way To Find Private Lenders

Finding private lenders with deep pockets can really jump start you real-estate investing business. It can be INCREDIBLY difficult to convince a family member to fund a deal simply because most people don’t have the knowledge of real-estate. Here is a simple trick to find a private money lender if you’re out of options and … Continued

How-To Make Pinterest Thumbnails (In Under 10 Minutes)

Pinterest thumbnails ARE the most important part of Pinterest. A visually pleasing Pinterest pin has the ability to make your pin go viral and land tons of traffic. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had blog posts get tons of traffic when the content wasn’t that good. So I decided to make this … Continued