Find Motivated Sellers (4 SIMPLE Strategies)

Motivated sellers are a RARE breed of seller. They’re usually under hardship or have babysitting a property they don’t want. It takes a very rare breed of realtor or a real-estate investor to know exactly how to handle a motivated seller. Here are my tips on how to find them:   Network with realtors The … Continued

Real-Estate Agent Youtube Tips

Youtube can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing imaginable. Imagine having a TV show that you control, can get thousands of views, and dosen’t cost money, Youtube has been one of the most powerful forms of exposure for me and my business (Check out my Youtube here. Please subscribe!).   Presence First … Continued

How Much Money Do You Need For Real-Estate?

Real-estate is a strange business. You can get a license for $200, you can sign on with a firm for $500, and a pack of business cards is all you need to build a huge business. There is tremendous upside to real-estate, but I’m going to break down how much it costs to stay in … Continued

Real-Estate Agent Tax Tips (Anyone Can Do)

For the uninitiated, real-estate taxes can seem daunting. You may be asking yourself questions like how do I pay taxes as a real-estate agent? Where do I go to pay taxes? How much will I have to pay? I’m not a CPA an accountant, but these tips are VERY basic and will get you in … Continued

Real-Estate Agent Vlogging Tips

If there is one trend that I’d say is the future of video marketing, I’d say it’s VLOGGING. I get so enthusiastic about vlogging, because it has produced tons of business and exposure for me. The best part of all…. no one is doing it! I highly suggest any real estate agent to fire up a … Continued