Cash buyer lists are one of the most powerful tools for any real-estate agent or investor and can make your life very EASY. Over the years, the cash buyer list game has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of cold-calling, networking, and/or scouting for cash-buyers. I’m going to teach you how to find cash buyers using just the internet AND what to actually do with your cash-buyer lists!


  1. You need a lead capture page

All of the ways of procuring internet leads are going to be using websites with opt-ins! There are various ways that you can do this.

  • You can buy software for $100 a month (I use Investor Carrot which is what this page is using!)
  • If you are tech-savy, you can setup up a Word-press for around (~$5 a month. Here is my real estate investing website)
  • If you’re a real estate agent, you can use EasyAgentPro.

Note: You can’t just have a regular website, you MUST have a way to capture leads. Overall, people will visit you site, enjoy your content, and leave without any hopes of doing business. If you don’t know what an opt-in looks like, this is it.

It’s one of those things that you fill out and basically have people contact you!


2. You’ve got a website? You MUST find a way to drive targeted traffic to your lead capture page.

Traffic is like the gasoline to your lead generation system. Without internet traffic, you won’t find cash-buyers. Here are the best way to get traffic to your opt-in page.


  • Craigslist (My favorite method)

Craigslist is both FREE and an amazing way to find leads in ANY form of real-estate. There have been people who have built entire careers of craigslist. Here is a simple example of my craigslist ad:

This lead generation method has provided me with HUNDREDS of cash-buyers that I have cultivated relationships with.


  • SEO

SEO is my most effective way of driving traffic, BUT it takes at least a year to see results.

  • Write a good blog article on specific keywords in the title (“4 Great Places To Find Rental Properties in Wilmington“)
  • Place an opt-in at the bottom of the blog
  • Get your blog post to the top of Google with SEO

Here’s the thing about SEO: It’s the hardest of all forms of traffic generation. BUT if don’t correctly can literally EXPLODE you’re business. In fact, I haven’t touched a phone in months and I’m making more money then ever. It took me almost a year of steady blogging, youtubing, and vlogging to get to that point!


  • Facebook

I consider Facebook the third leg in the trifecta and creates almost a synergistic effect to online market. For around $5 a weeks, I can get about 2-3 targeted leads on my lead pages. You must know that Facebook is an entirely different beast when it comes to doing ads. Make sure to check out my blog post: How-to do Facebook ads for cheap.

So, you have all these cash-buyer leads…. What now?


Many people get all these cash-buyer leads and they really fail to answer the most important question of all…. how do you make money with it?!

Rule of thumb: The idea is to slowly nurture a relationship with people by sending them:

  1. Good deals
  2. Great (locally targeted) content
  3. Doing so every month and refraining from burning out your list

You may have seen many of these internet marketing Youtubers like Tai Lopez, Alex Becker, etc. They always say the same thing “The money is in the e-mail list”. This isn’t hype. An e-mail list (aka cash-buyer list) has the ability to produce tons of money if done right.

  • Send out a great deal you find on the MLS
  • Send out a wholesale deals for flippers
  • Push out a great blog post with lots of numbers, Youtube videos, etc. (Blog Post = “3 Great Duplex neighborhoods in Wilmington)

The idea here is to really cultivate a relationship with your buyer list and not push out bad deals or content. If you have a reputation for crappy deals and/or content people won’t open your emails. It’s better to wait for the perfect piece of content or a really juicy deals, then burn out your e-mail list with crappy content.